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Corner Lots and Fencing in Fayetteville: Regulations for Intersection Properties

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If you’re considering an investment in a corner lot property in Fayetteville, or have already decided to do so, it’s important to comprehend the manifold advantages that these properties offer. They usually feature a considerable amount of space, making them ideal for gardening enthusiasts and offering incredible views. Moreover, these properties present a wealth of opportunities for unique landscaping, enhancing their overall allure. However, it’s also crucial to be aware of potential obstacles, such as stringent fence regulations and potential security issues. Thus, a detailed examination of all local guidelines and restrictions on alterations or fence installations for corner lots is imperative.

Why Are Corner Lot Regulations Important?

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The primary reason for specific regulations for corner lots lies in ensuring safety for all road users. Here’s why:

  • Visibility: Corner lot fences or landscaping that is too tall or dense can obstruct the views of drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians as they approach an intersection. To maintain adequate visibility, property owners must adhere to guidelines specifically created for corner lots.
  • Traffic Flow: Unregulated fencing and landscaping at corners can create potential traffic hazards, impeding proper sightlines and increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Walkability: Overgrowth or poorly maintained corner lot features can force pedestrians to walk into the street, putting them in danger.

Specific Fayetteville Regulations on Fencing Corner Lots

Fayetteville zoning ordinances and building codes contain detailed specifications regarding allowable modifications on corner lots. Key considerations focus on:

  • Sight Triangle: Most importantly, Fayetteville enforces the “sight triangle” or “clear view triangle.” This is a triangular area at the intersection of two streets. Nothing is allowed to obstruct visibility within this triangle. The dimensions of the triangle can vary depending on the specific intersection and posted speed limits. It’s advisable to consult the Fayetteville Planning Department for exact measurements at your property.
  • Fence Height: Fences within the sight triangle usually have a maximum allowable height, often around 2-3 feet. Fences outside of the sight triangle may have taller height limits, typically standard residential fence heights.
  • Fence Materials: For visibility, some sections of your fence, especially within the sight triangle, may need to be constructed from open materials like chain links or picket styles rather than solid privacy fencing.
  • Landscaping: Trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements must be maintained in a way that does not block visibility within the sight triangle. This may mean trimming them to a maximum allowable height or planting specific low-growing varieties.

Additional Considerations

Beyond the primary focus on maintaining a clear intersection, these additional corner lot regulations might apply in Fayetteville:

  • Setbacks: Corner lots may have different setback requirements compared to interior lots. Setbacks specify how far structures must be from property lines.
  • Easements: Utility easements on corner lots may be broader, impacting the placement of fences, outbuildings, or significant landscaping. Check with your title company or the city for any recorded easements affecting your property.

Navigating Corner Lot Regulations

  1. Consult the City of Fayetteville: The Planning Department or Building Inspections in Fayetteville is your best resource. They can provide the exact rules and regulations for your specific corner lot.
  2. Get a Survey: A property survey will clearly indicate the location and dimensions of your corner lot, including the sight triangle area and setback lines. This is essential for planning compliant fencing and landscaping projects.
  3. Request Variances: If your desired project doesn’t fully comply with regulations, you may be able to apply for a variance. This requires a formal request to the city demonstrating a compelling reason (hardship, unique circumstance, etc.) that justifies an exception to the rule.

Designing Corner Lots with Regulations in Mind

Don’t let regulations discourage you from enjoying your corner lot to the fullest! Here are tips for complying with regulations while enhancing the beauty of your property:

  • Low-Maintenance Beauty: Use low-growing shrubs, flowers, and grasses within the sight triangle for colorful, easy-to-maintain landscaping that doesn’t compromise visibility.
  • Creative Fence Design: Incorporate sections of chain-link or wrought iron within the sight triangle, with less restrictive fence materials for the rest of your property.
  • Strategic Hardscaping: Use hardscaping elements like decorative stone walls, retaining walls, or raised planters within your landscaping design while staying within height limits.
  • Embrace the Openness: Play up the open space of your corner lot by creating inviting seating areas, patios, or a well-maintained lawn as a welcoming feature.

Beyond Fayetteville: General Corner Lot Considerations

While this article focuses specifically on Fayetteville, corner lot regulations share similarities across many cities and towns. Here’s an overview of additional factors you might encounter elsewhere:

  • Varied Regulations: Fence height limits, sight triangle dimensions, and specific material requirements can vary greatly between municipalities. Always research the local codes and ordinances before beginning any corner lot modifications.
  • Homeowners Associations (HOAs): Even if your city doesn’t have strict corner lot regulations, your neighborhood’s HOA might have additional restrictions on fencing, landscaping, and outbuildings.
  • Liability: Corner lot owners might bear additional liability in the event of an accident on their property. If an obstructed sightline due to non-compliant landscaping or a fence contributes to an accident, the property owner could face legal ramifications.

Addressing Potential Challenges

While regulations are important, they can sometimes present challenges unique to corner lots. Here’s how to address a few common ones:

  • Privacy: The need for visibility on corner lots can impact privacy. Strategic landscaping can help create some buffer zones without compromising sightlines. Use taller shrubs or privacy screens outside the sight triangle, and focus on low, visually appealing landscaping within the sight triangle.
  • Noise: Corner lots can be slightly noisier than interior lots due to increased traffic exposure. Fencing materials like wood or vinyl can provide some noise reduction. Dense, strategically placed trees or shrubs can also act as a sound buffer.
  • Pedestrian Intrusion: Without a fence defining your property line, pedestrians might cut across your lawn, especially at corners. A combination of clear signage, small fences, or natural barriers using shrubs can help direct foot traffic.

Maximizing the Benefits of Corner Lots

Don’t let regulations be the sole focus! Here are some ways to highlight the perks of owning a corner lot:

  • Curb Appeal: Your corner lot offers double the space to create a unique and stylish front yard that becomes a neighborhood highlight.
  • Outdoor Living: Utilize the extra yard space by creating extended patios, elaborate gardens, or dedicated outdoor play areas.
  • Natural Light: Corner lots frequently have enhanced natural light exposure. Optimize this with careful window placement in your home and consider a vegetable garden or sun-loving plants.
  • Resale Value: While there might be some additional maintenance involved, a well-landscaped and compliant corner lot can be an attractive feature to potential buyers, positively impacting your property’s resale value.


Understanding the regulations for corner lots in Fayetteville is essential for responsible property ownership. By working within these guidelines – using a little planning and creativity – you can transform your corner property into a safe, beautiful, and fully functional space that maximizes all the advantages that come with this unique location.